How to Obtain Bus Transportation

  • All requests for bus service from any segment of the university, paid through any fund source, must be sent to Transportation Services. No fund source may directly contract with an external bus service. The sole exception is group travel ground bus service in connection with air travel (this does not include ground transportation to or from any airport within 150 miles of DeKalb); i.e. a team flies to Buffalo and requires ground transportation at that location before flying back to the DeKalb area.
  • Request for transportation should be made at least two (2) weeks in advance of the proposed trip to be reasonably sure of obtaining a vehicle.
  • Complete the transportation request form, have it signed by your department head, and send it to Transportation Services. These forms can be obtained from Transportation Services at no charge.
  • The Transportation dispatcher will retain one copy of this Transportation Request Form in a permanent transportation file. If a university bus is not available, the Transportation Office will obtain a contracted bus, provided a contracted bus is available. Usually the cost will be greater for a contracted bus.
  • Long distances have priority for university buses. Transportation Services reserves the right to make last-minute changes--from the use of a university bus to a contracted bus.
  • Bus and driver will be at assigned starting point, as requested by applicant, 15 minutes before time of departure. Transportation Services reserves the right to change a requested location as safety or logistics demand.
  • At completion of trip, bus driver will fill out #4 copy of the original request.

Contact Us

Transportation Services
815-753-3446 (fax)


Monday-Friday, 6 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

If you have a Transportation Services need outside of these hours, please call our emergency phone number at 815-753-1559 for assistance.