Campus Mail


During business hours, Campus Mail performs the following tasks

  • Receives and sorts incoming U.S. mail for delivery to university departments
  • Processes outgoing US mail generated by university departments
  • Sorts for delivery university inter-office mail
  • Maintains inventory of US postage stamps for sale to university departments
  • Bills university departments for postage costs associated with outgoing mail

Mail sent to the Dorland mail center for processing should be sorted and banded by your office into seven groups

  • International mail
  • Outgoing meter mail (letters)
  • Outgoing meter mail (flats), postcards, outgoing packages
  • Special service mail
  • Inter-office mail (letters)
  • Inter-office mail (flats)
  • Forwarded mail

Inter-office mail and forwarded mail does not need a postage charge slip, but the other categories should have a separate postage charge slip attached to each group.

University route drivers pick up and deliver both US stamped mail and inter-office mail. This service is conducted under policies and procedures designed to best serve the entire university. The following policies are outlined to assist in expediting these different types of mail service:

US stamp
Campus Mail services do not include UPS, FEDEX or other commercial carrier services.