NIU Transportation Services Vehicle Rates


Rates to be determined by vendor. Please see the instructions for making charter bus arrangements.

In addition to vendor rates, any costs for overtime, meals, lodging, tolls, Transportation Services administrative fees and parking fees will be billed to the customer.

Pool vehicle rates are determined by a daily rate plus mileage driven during the rental period.

Vehicle Type Daily Rate Plus Mileage







8 or 12 Passenger Van



Cargo Van



Box Truck



Pick-up Truck (Towing)



General parking permit fees are included in the below rates. Depending on the vehicle use, some vehicles will be assessed a charge for additional insurance. Vehicles requiring additional equipment will be charged for the additional equipment accordingly.

Sedan: There are two separate categories, sedans that are used primarily on campus and those that are primarily used for work off-campus

    • On campus use $265 per month
    • Off campus use $446 per month (includes 1,000 miles; additional miles $0.36/mile)


    • Cargo use $346 per month
    • Passenger use $435 per month (includes 700 miles; additional miles $0.45/mile)

Cargo vans: $443 per month

Light truck: $400 per month

Heavy truck (more than 1/2 ton) – Monthly charges determined on a case-by-case basis