Living On Campus at NIU

If you are thinking about attending NIU you probably have many questions about your housing and dining options. You may be wondering where you'll live on campus and what amenities you'll have in your room. Or maybe you are trying to create a budget and you need to calculate the cost of living in a residence hall versus commuting from home or off-campus.

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Heat in the Residence Halls

As the weather fluctuates over the next few weeks, the residence halls might be a little warm or a little chilly at times.

Due to the way that each building is set up, the air conditioning and heat can't be turned on and off based on the daily temperature. It takes a week or two to complete the process to change the system over from A/C to heat. Once the A/C is turned off, we no longer have it available if the weather warms up again. Once the system is converted to heat, it will be on until next spring.

We review the forecast each week and once the temperature is consistently cool for about two weeks, we'll completely switch over to heat.

In the meantime, if your room is too cold, here's some things you can do:

  • Close your windows.
  • Get some extra blankets or some cozy sweatpants to stay a little warmer.
  • Close the curtains or blinds to help keep the cold air out.
  • If your windows are closed, and cold air is still blowing in around the window, fill out a work request.

If you feel that your room is extremely hot or cold, stop by your front desk to pick up a thermometer to get the temperature of your room. Then give our Work Request Office a call at 815-753-4948.