Obtaining a Pool Vehicle


If you’re interested in using a vehicle from the NIU motor pool to conduct official university business, follow the steps below.

Please note: Due to insurance requirements, Transportation Services may require you to obtain your motor vehicle record from the Office of the Secretary of State and submit it for review prior to travel.

  1. Review our travel guidelines and pool vehicle policies.

    This will help you determine if a pool vehicle is the best method of transportation for your trip, and make you aware of important information.

  2. Submit a transportation request form.
    Submit the form at least two weeks before your trip. You can obtain a form from Transportation Services. Fill it out and have it signed by your department head or other fiscal approver. Send it to Transportation Services through campus mail.

    Please note the following:

    More than one driver can be listed on the form. The person picking up the vehicle must be included.

    If a substitute driver is necessary, a new form with the new driver’s information will need to be submitted.

    If multiple vehicles are requested, multiple forms must be filled out, each with a different driver’s signature. No more than one vehicle will be assigned to any one driver.
  3. Learn if your request has been approved.

    A copy of your request form will be sent back to you, indicating whether a vehicle is available on the requested date.
    If no pool vehicles are available, you can ask your department head to approve travel funds necessary to use your own vehicle.

  4. Pick up the vehicle.

    Transportation Services is located in the Dorland Building on Stadium Drive. Any driver listed on the request form can pick up the vehicle there at the assigned time. If the vehicle is not picked up within two hours of the assigned time, it will be reassigned and a late cancellation fee will be charged.

    When you arrive, you’ll be asked to present your driver’s license. The dispatcher will check the signature on your license against the signature on the request form, and then give you keys to a vehicle. The dispatcher will also give you a copy of the original request form (the trip ticket), which you’ll complete when you return.

Returning a Vehicle

You should return the vehicle at or before the time indicated on your request form. Failure to do so may result in a late charge. Follow the steps below when returning a vehicle.

Please note: The process for returning a vehicle depends on if Transportation Services is open or closed. Please refer to hours of operation under the "contact us" section.

  1. Step One: Return to Transportation Services.

    If you’re returning when Transportation Services is open, park the vehicle at the gas pump west of the garage.

    If you’re returning when Transportation Services is closed, park the vehicle in Lot 25, located west of Transportation Services across Stadium Drive.

  2. Step Two: Complete the trip ticket.

    Before you exit the vehicle, complete the copy of the request form you were given, the trip ticket. Be sure to sign your name and include any vehicle malfunction you experienced during your travel; for example, broken windshield wipers.

  3. Step Three: Return keys and paperwork.

    If you are returning when Transportation Services is open, please return the keys to an employee at the service window at the Transportation Services office. Place the trip ticket and any gasoline or service charge tickets on the front seat. Leave the vehicle unlocked.

    If Transportation Services is closed, leave the trip ticket and any gasoline or service charge tickets on the front seat. Lock the vehicle and place the keys in the drop box located on a light pole in Lot 25, across Stadium Drive.

Contact Us

Transportation Services
815-753-3446 (fax)


Monday-Friday, 6 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

If you have a Transportation Services need outside of these hours, please call our emergency phone number at 815-753-1559 for assistance.