About Facilities Management and Campus Services

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NIU’s central campus consists of 756 acres. NIU's facilities include over 7.6 million gross square feet in 118 buildings, ranging from housing to specialized laboratories, recreation center facilities to high tech classrooms, playing fields to libraries.

NIU’s facilities serve over 21,000 students and 4,600 faculty and staff in a variety of academic, research, administrative, athletic, and residential spaces.

Customer Service and Maintenance

Building Services

The Building Services Department provides routine, intermittent and restorative cleaning for all academic, research, residence hall, and athletic facilities on campus. We strive to fulfill the university’s mission by providing students, faculty staff with top quality academic, research and employment experiences by maintaining a clean, healthy environment for our customers who occupy and utilize the offices, classrooms, laboratories, student residential, and public areas.


Grounds is responsible for the day-to-day operations and overall maintenance of the NIU campus grounds to provide an attractive and safe environment. Additionally, the department provides support services for NIU craft, service departments and special events held on campus grounds.

Heating Plant

The NIU Heating Plant is responsible for the overall maintenance of the university's main campus and various satellite campuses relating to central ventilation, heating and central air, energy management, hot water distribution for heating and steam, chilled water distribution for air conditioning, and distilled water systems.

Building Maintenance and Operations

The Building Maintenance and Operations provides the best physical environment for teaching, learning, research and community through maintenance and improvement of university facilities. Our products and services include, but are not limited to: energy, utilities, and maintenance.

Planning and Design

Architectural and Engineering Services

The department of Architectural and Engineering Services works to ensure that our campus building environments and facilities are safe, comfortable, durable and functional.