Distribution Services

Our services include:

  • Freight and mail deliveries to campus departments
  • UPS, RPS, FedEx and other non-personal deliveries
  • Pick up packages for return to vendor (Department must have completed shipping ticket. Shipping tickets can be found on the Procurement website. Department is responsible for obtaining a return authorization from the vendor and have arranged pick-up from Central Receiving with the carrier. Once this has been done, and if needed, you may contact Distribution Services to pick-up your package and deliver it to Central Receiving.)
  • Food and dry goods deliveries to residence halls and Holmes Student Center
  • Move items for departments within the university, if within our labor and equipment capabilities
  • Provide tables and chairs for use by university departments

Folding Tables and Chairs

Materials Management rents tables and chairs to university departments. 

$.50 per chair

$2 per rectangular table

$20/cart of 10 cocktail tables

$5 minimum charge per order

The Materials Management department maintains an inventory of folding tables, cocktail tables and folding chairs that university departments may rent on a first come, first serve basis. Currently, that inventory consists of approximately 160 six-foot long folding tables, 10 cocktail tables and 600 folding chairs.

To arrange for the rental of these items, complete the Event Support form. Check the box for tables and chairs under "Distribution Services." Only university departments having a valid PeopleSoft account number as listed in the current university chart of accounts are eligible to rent equipment.

Items requested will normally be delivered to specified locations on university premises during regular weekday operating hours. Special requests for weekend or evening deliveries or pickups may be accommodated at applicable overtime labor rates for the employees required.

The university's table and chair inventory may only be used for university events sponsored directly by university departments. The requesting department is responsible for the equipment borrowed from the time the items are picked up or delivered to the designated location until they are picked up by or returned to Materials Management. No set up or take down will be done by Materials Management personnel. It is the requesting department's responsibility to clean borrowed equipment and have equipment placed back on carts the way they were delivered.

Bad Stack

Bad stack of tables-wrong side up and unevenly stacked.
  • Wrong side up and unevenly stacked.

Good Stack

Good stack of tables-bottom of table up and stacked evenly with 11 to cart maximum.
  • Bottom of table up and stacked evenly.
  • 20 to a cart maximum.

Bad Stack

Bad stack of chairs.

Good Stack

Good stack of chairs-top of chair to cart handle.
  • Top of chair to cart handle.

Tables and chairs may be used for reasonable periods of time and must be surrendered at the designated pick up or return time unless prior arrangements have been made with the distribution services manager. Tables and chairs may not be rented to others by university departments.

Tables and chairs will not be delivered to unsupervised locations, nor can this equipment be released by Materials Management personnel without the signature of a representative from the renting department. If equipment is being used for an outdoor event, equipment must be stored indoors when not in use. It is the renting department's responsibility to secure an area for pick up by Materials Management personnel. Missing items will be charged as specified unless the user locates and secures them for return.

Current Charges for Missing, Damaged, or Dirty Items:

Repair charges: $30/hour plus the cost of materials

Replacement charges: $220/rectangular table, $100/cocktail table and $65/chair

Cleaning charges: $10/table and $6/chair

Damage charges are calculated on the basis of actual repair costs, or replacement cost when the item is not returned or cannot be repaired. Cleaning charges are assessed when items are returned with food, mud, stains or with tape where adhesive labels were applied.