Vehicles Assigned to Departments

Under certain circumstances, university vehicles are assigned to departments and programs. These assignments are made on a temporary basis. They depend on the availability of vehicles in the motor pool, as well as the demand for pool vehicles.

Periodically, Transportation Services conducts a review of the vehicles assigned to departments and programs. The review may find that it’s in the best interest of the university to return assigned vehicles to the motor pool.

If you wish for a vehicle to be assigned to your department or program, you should submit a written request to the vice president of your division. The vice president’s approval must be granted in writing before a vehicle can be assigned.

Please note: Smoking is prohibited in all university vehicles by state law.

Approved Drivers of Assigned Vehicles

Departments with permanently assigned vehicles are responsible for determining that the individuals driving the vehicles have valid driver's licenses.

Each year, departments with assigned vehicles must provide Transportation Services with a list of all potential drivers of the vehicles. The list should include drivers’ names, as well as their driver’s license numbers and expiration dates.

Failure to provide this information will result in the loss of university vehicle privileges for that individual and/or department. Transportation Services may review the driver’s record with the Office of the Secretary of State.

Resources for Assigned Vehicles

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