Travel Guidelines


When traveling for official university business, NIU expects employees and students to travel in the most economical way possible. As you prepare to travel, consider the following:

  • Travel time.
  • Work requirements of the trip.
  • Budget limitations.
  • Modes of transportation.
  • Travel routes: Use the safest, most direct route possible.

Transportation Services can assist you with obtaining a pool vehicle from NIU’s motor pool or a rental vehicle. Visit pool vehicle rates for information on the cost of NIU vehicles. 

The Controller’s Office has helpful information on employee travel. Refer to the Travel Voucher (XLSM) for information on reimbursement, including for personal vehicle use.

Transportation Considerations

You should be aware that employees who have approval for out-of-state travel are expected to make use of public transportation. Due to the limited supply of pool vehicles, as well as public relations considerations, the use of pool vehicles for out-of-state travel is permitted only in certain circumstances.

Please note that pool vehicles are not available to employees who are personally reimbursed for services rendered. For example, if you’re being compensated for providing consulting services or a speech at a conference, you’re expected to provide your own transportation.

University Insurance

NIU is self-insured through Central Management Services in Springfield. Their information is located in the glove compartments of pool vehicles. In an effort to reduce liability exposure, questions or concerns about this insurance should be directed to Transportation Services at 815-753-1558.

When an employee uses their personal vehicle on university business, university insurance coverage stands in excess of and secondary to the employee’s personal insurance coverage. The state cannot provide primary coverage for such use.

Employees who use their own vehicles for business purposes should contact their personal insurance carriers to ensure that proper coverage is provided. Nonemployees who use their own vehicles on university business are not covered by university insurance.

University Vehicles at Residences

NIU vehicles are only to be used for official university business. They may not be used to commute between an employee’s home and official business, and may not be parked at private residences.

The Illinois General Assembly Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR) details circumstances where a vehicle may be assigned to an individual for regular use in section 5040.340 of the JCAR administrative code.

Transportation Services recognizes that there are certain situations where it is logical and in the best interest of the university for a university vehicle to be parked at a residence. Employees should be aware that misuse of university vehicles can lead to negative public perception and unwanted media attention.

Employees must notify Transportation Services in advance if a university vehicle in travel status will be parked at their residence, in accordance with the travel status definition in section 3000.140 of the JCAR administrative code. All such requests will be evaluated by Transportation Services to determine if the use of a university vehicle at a private residence is justified. We reserve the right to deny a request if we feel there is potential for improper use of a university vehicle.

Contact Us

Transportation Services
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Monday-Friday, 6 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

If you have a Transportation Services need outside of these hours, please call our emergency phone number at 815-753-1559 for assistance.