Building Maintenance and Operations


As a service orientated organization, we appreciate and encourage your comments and input relating to Building Maintenance and Operations and the services we provide to the university community. For additional information, or if you would like to express your concerns, call the Building Maintenance and Operations Director at 815-753-6255

To provide the best physical environment for teaching, learning, research and community through maintenance and improvement of university facilities. Our products and services include, but are not limited to energy, utilities and maintenance.

We are committed to:

  • Maintaining and improving university facilities in a customer-oriented, prompt and friendly fashion while assuring cost control and efficiency
  • Minimizing and preventing the deterioration of university buildings, structures, integral systems, equipment, and infrastructure
  • Building our resource base through skillful and designed application of our human, financial and technological resources
  • Providing professional and personal growth to our employees, enhancing the effectiveness and value of our university and exerting positive leadership in the operation of the university


The core values we subscribe to in the Building Maintenance and Operations are:

  • Integrity: 
    Honesty and credibility in all relationships, both as individuals and as a department and university
  • Excellence: 
    Superior quality, high standards and good taste in all services, reports and programs
  • Service: 
    Meeting the needs of the university user, federal and state regulatory agencies, and all users of our services from the viewpoint of those we serve
  • Leadership:
    Providing noteworthy examples that emphasize high ethical and moral standards
  • Sensitivity: 
    A sincere and caring attitude coupled with dignified and professional treatment

For further information, call the Building Maintenance and Operations Director at 753-6255.