Assigned Vehicle Mileage Log Policy

A mileage log is required to be maintained for all university-owned and university-leased vehicles which are "permanently" assigned to departments. The log must be used to record all off-campus travel and it is intended to be a means by which vehicle usage can be controlled. The responsibility for properly documenting the off-campus travel of permanently assigned vehicles rests with the department head.

The department head is expected to review the mileage log to determine that the vehicle has only been used for university business. A copy of the mileage log must be provided to the Transportation Department monthly. The Transportation Department will maintain this copy of the log as the permanent record of vehicle use.


Transportation Services has created a mileage log which may be used by department to record all of the vehicle’s trips. This form can be obtained from Transportation Services.

It is recognized that individual departments may have additional information needs regarding the use of departmental vehicles. In these specialized cases, the departments may use a form of their own design subject to the approval of the Transportation Department. In order to be approved the form must be used to record all off-campus travel, be used for each permanently assigned vehicle, be approved by the department head, and have one copy which is to be provided to the Transportation Department.

The mileage log is intended to be used to document the use of permanently assigned vehicles and be subsequently reviewed by the department head. The approval by the department head or designee is an affirmation that the vehicle was used only for university business. A copy of the mileage log for each permanently assigned vehicle is required to be supplied to the NIU Transportation Department at the time the monthly mileage report is submitted. A mileage log must be returned even if a vehicle was not taken off-campus during a billing period.

The university’s requirement that all drivers have a current and valid driver’s license is applicable to permanently assigned vehicles and it is the responsibility of the department heads to ensure all their employees are in compliance.

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