Electronic Purchase Requisition/P2PO

The Electronic Purchase Requisition Workflow project will streamline how the university purchases goods and services and is scheduled for implementation in fall of 2018. This new system will allow requestors who initiate the requisitioning of purchasing goods and services for the university to enter requisitions directly in the MyNIU Financial Management System (FMS). Requesters will have the ability to upload vendor quotes and other supporting documents and electronically submit requisitions for the necessary approvals. The entire process will be electronic, so nothing has to be printed or mailed. Requesters and approvers will also have the ability to track the status of their requisitions from submittal to issuance of the purchase order.

Who Does This Affect?

Anyone who completes purchase requisitions, business managers, and approvers (from manager to dean to vice president, depending on purchase amount) as well as the central Administration and Finance offices that review and process purchase requisitions.

Note: this project does not include NIU Foundation funded requirements. Foundation funded transactions will continue to be processed via paper requisition submissions.

When Is It Coming?

Piloting of Division of Information Technology, College of Business and Athletics, will begin in summer 2018, with campus-wide rollout beginning in late September 2018.

Communications on specific training and rollout dates will be announced in August 2018.

Why Is This Change Occurring?

This effort is part of the transformation recommendation stemming from the Administrative Task Force Report of April 30, 2016. This change will allow requesters, business managers, approvers, and Procurement Services to track the status of requisitions. Gone will be the days of tracking down the paper purchase requisitions; everyone in the approval chain will have the ability to track and monitor the status and, if needed, contact the appropriate person for an update. In addition, the university will save paper, time, and resources since the process will be done entirely electronically.

Key Features and Information

  • Requisition Workflow supports the following scenarios:
    • Split-funded requisitions (Different approval chains are created for multiple cost centers and/or multiple divisions).
    • Multi-year requisitions, open orders, and change orders
    • Grant funded (Fund 44) requisitions route to the PI for approval then to Sponsored Programs Administration for approval.
    • Student funded (Fund 04) requisitions will route through the Provost’s Office for approval.
  • The system will budget check all requisitions against the provided cost center(s) prior to submission and pre-encumbrance will be established at that time. This means money must be budgeted in the cost center in order to begin a requisition and that other requisitions cannot access that pre-encumbered amount. Please note that cancelled requisitions automatically unencumber cost center funds.
  • The business area internal approval thresholds are as follows:
    • Up to $24,999 equals cost center owner plus business manager
    • $25,000 to $99,999 equals previous plus chair or director or associate dean
    • $100,000 to $249,999 equals previous plus dean or associate vice president
    • $250,000 and greater equals previous plus vice president
  • Once requisitions are approved by the requesting department/division, they will route to Accounts Payable for account code and signatory verification, the Budget Office (for items over $25,000), then to Procurement Services for processing.
  • Approver tables are stored and maintained within the Financial Management System (FMS). The Budget Office will be responsible for maintaining the updates of the approved signer tables. Formal procedures are being developed and will be communicated during training.
  • Requisitions may be:
    • Put on hold by approvers
    • Delegated to an alternate approver
    • Sent to others on an ad hoc basis
      • Review only
      • Review and approval
    • Approved/denied
    • Printed
    • Created from other requisitions
    • Retrieved and reviewed by requesters and approvers
    • Approved from the web and mobile devices, off and on campus.
  • Requisitions may be modified while in workflow. Changes in dollar amounts, changes in cost center(s), and the accounting date, will all trigger re-approval.
  • Change orders to existing purchase orders will be handled by simply modifying the original requisition and resubmitting through the workflow for approvals and processing.

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