Key Control

To request an NIU key, contact your area’s designated key control authorizer (KCA). KCAs have the authority to issue keys for their department or building. Departments can have up to two KCAs at a time. Students may not be KCAs.

If you have any questions about key requests, contact Key Control at or 815-753-1215.

View Campus Key Control Authorizers (KCAs)

KCA Key Request

If you’re a key control authorizer (KCA), you can submit a key request to Key Control. There are six types of key requests: Issue, Lost-Replace, Lost-Do Not Replace, Reassign, Found and Return.

Your request must include the number of a specific key. For a list of keys that correspond to doors in your department/building, email or call 815-753-1215.

  1. Log in to Microsoft O365 with your NIU credentials and access the key request form. The form is only accessible to KCAs.
  2. Fill out the form (fields 1-8 are required; 9 and 10 are optional). The Key Holder Department and Building fields will auto-populate once you start typing.
  3. Submit the form to Key Control for review. You’ll be notified when the key is ready to be picked up.

Become a KCA

In order for you to become a key control authorizer (KCA), your department head or dean must sign and email an access control authorizer form to Key Control for review. If approved, you’ll be notified via email. In order to remain an active KCA, the form must be submitted annually.

If you’re a KCA but no longer have those duties, your dean/department head must request your removal by sending an email to