University Business Procedures Directory

The University Business Procedures Directory contains the official business procedures of Northern Illinois University. Learn more about the requirements for following and establishing business procedures.

Category Procedure Title Prior Manual Number
Facilities and Campus Grounds Cleaning Services
Facilities and Campus Grounds Environmental Services
Facilities and Campus Grounds Event Support Services
Facilities and Campus Grounds Facility Improvements
Facilities and Campus Grounds Facility Maintenance/Repairs
Facilities and Campus Grounds Facility Planning and Design Services
Facilities and Campus Grounds Furniture Repairs
Facilities and Campus Grounds Grounds Services
Facilities and Campus Grounds Key Requests 8-9
Facilities and Campus Grounds Occupational Safety Services
Facilities and Campus Grounds Residence Halls Scheduling and Use of Facilities and Food Service Units
Facilities and Campus Grounds Use of University Premises and Facilities
Fiscal Practices Accounting Office General Information 4-2
Fiscal Practices Accounts Payable General 4-10
Fiscal Practices Accounts Payable Payment Authorization 4-12
Fiscal Practices Accounts Payable Payment Procedures
Fiscal Practices Approval Requirements for Purchase Obligations 9-4
Fiscal Practices Bursar Procedures 5-1
Fiscal Practices Commercial Accounts Receivable 6-1
Fiscal Practices Conflict of Interest 9-3
Fiscal Practices Deliveries, Damage Claims, Off-Campus Shipments, Returns, Shipping Tickets 9-8
Fiscal Practices Grant and Contract Uncollectible Accounts Policy 6-5
Fiscal Practices Illinois Procurement Code 9-2
Fiscal Practices Indirect Cost Policy
Fiscal Practices Interdepartment Sales and Charge Back 6-2
Fiscal Practices Leases and Contracts 4-13
Fiscal Practices NIU Foundation Gift Acceptance and Valuation
Fiscal Practices Non-Credit Conferences, Seminars, and Other Continuing Education / Public Service Activities
Fiscal Practices Open Orders 9-6
Fiscal Practices Presidents Sponsorship of Charitable Activities on Campus
Fiscal Practices Procurement and Payment to Suppliers Without a Purchase Order 9-9
Fiscal Practices Procurement Function 9-1
Fiscal Practices Procurement General 9-0
Fiscal Practices Purchase Requisitions 9-5
Fiscal Practices Reporting 4-7
Fiscal Practices Reimbursable Business Expenses 4-14
Fiscal Practices Shipping Tickets 9-8
Fiscal Practices Signature Card 4-5
Fiscal Practices Student Fee Procedures 1-20
Fiscal Practices Travel Advance 4-34
Fiscal Practices Travel Regulations 4-30
Fiscal Practices Travel Voucher - Preparation 4-31
Fiscal Practices Treasury - General Information
Fiscal Practices Unexpended Fixed Price Contract Funds
Fiscal Practices Vendor Rebates
Fiscal Practices Vendor Solicitations 9-7
Health and Safety Asbestos
Health and Safety Construction Safety
Health and Safety Fire Safety
Health and Safety Forklift Operator Safety
Health and Safety Hazardous Waste
Health and Safety Needle Safety
Health and Safety Public Safety 17-1
Health and Safety Respiratory Safety
Health and Safety Winter 17-2
Information Technology Data Classification Guidelines and Procedures
Information Technology Misuse of Computerized Identification Information
Information Technology NIU Web Standards
Information Technology Order and Repair
Information Technology Telephone Policies and Acceptable Use Guidelines
Information Technology Wired and Wireless Network Connectivity Standards
Services Business Records Archives 20-8
Services Campus Catering
Services Holmes Student Center Bookstore
Services Holmes Student Center Business Office
Services Holmes Student Center Conferences and Institutes
Services Holmes Student Center Hotel Overview
Services Holmes Student Center Room Reservations
Services Holmes Student Center Other Facilities
Services Mail Services
Services Material Ordering/Delivery 20-6
Services Parking Services 17-3
Services Property Control Procedures 20-7
Services Surplus Equipment 20-9
Services Transportation Services 8-5

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