Procurement and Payment to Suppliers Without a Purchase Order

[Procedure] Last Updated: February 2017
Prior Manual Number: 9-9

Procurement Services and Accounts Payable Services authorize limited authority to faculty and staff to acquire routine products and services without the use of a standard purchase order (PO), generated by a purchase requisition. Requesters must obtain all necessary approvals for the purchase from a cost center signatory. The approvals must be included with either of the two allowed methods of payment when purchasing without a purchase order. Those methods are:

  • Procurement card.
  • Check request.

Procurement card purchases are subject to restrictions that apply per the Procurement Card/Declining Balance card manual. The check request form is available on the Procurement Services and Contract Management website.

Inquiries should be made to Procurement Services when employees are uncertain if a purchase qualifies under this procedure.

Without a purchase order, either the p-card or the check request form must be used to pay vendors if all of the following requirements are met:

  • Single Expenditure must be $2,500 or less.
  • Related Expenditures/Payments cannot exceed $5,000 per year. (Example, Quarterly subscription payments, monthly fees)
  • No requirement for a two-party signed agreement.

Expenditures may be for any goods or services that meet requirements 1 through 3.

Business expense reimbursements are submitted on the check request form if the above requirements are met AND the p-card or requisition could not be used, subject to the policy. (Reimbursable Business Expense Procedure 4-14).

Any purchase not fitting the above requirements or not in accordance with P-card policy must be submitted on a purchase requisition and follow University Procurement Policy and the Illinois Procurement Code.

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