Grant and Contract Uncollectible Accounts Policy

[Policy] Last Updated: September 2012
Prior Manual Number: 6-5


If an outstanding accounts receivable is deemed uncollectible after appropriate legal action has been taken, University General Counsel will notify Grants Fiscal Administration in writing of this determination by recommending that the uncollectible account be written off against the university's Allowance for Bad Debts account.


At the end of each month, the Office of Accounts Receivable will prepare an aging of grant and contract receivables for the Office of Grants Fiscal Administration. The headings for the aging schedule will appear as follows: 

Debtor Total Balance 0-30 31-60 61-90 Over 90

Each month the Office of Grants Fiscal Administration will follow up on each account that is over 90 days old to expedite payment. This follow-up will continue until it is determined that the account should be turned over to the University General Counsel to begin the legal action deemed necessary to collect the past-due account.

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