Indirect Cost Policy

[Policy] Last Updated: September 2012

It is the policy of the university to apply the indirect cost reimbursements toward the cost categories which are factors in determining indirect cost rates, namely general administration, departmental administration and operation and maintenance of physical plant.

Grants Fiscal Administration records the indirect cost recovery by charging grant funds and crediting into existing local fund cost centers as the indirect cost recovery of a source of funds. The anticipated income and allowable carryover will be allocated to specific accounts in the internal budget for the following purposes:

  • Administration costs incurred in procuring, coordinating, accounting or managing federal, state or private grants and contracts.
  • Utilities and other expenses of physical plant.
  • Seed money for pilot grants which may lead to a research or educational grant.
  • Funds to reimburse a federal, state or private agency for direct costs disallowed at the time of audit.
  • Funds to acquire, replace or renovate equipment or facilities associated with grant or research projects.

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