Accounts Payable General

[Procedure] Last Updated: September 2012
Prior Manual Number: 4-10

The Accounts Payable section of the Accounting Office is responsible for processing all disbursements, other than personal services, for each of the three major sources of funds of the university. Although each of the three major sources is handled a little differently, they are basically the same. All invoices or vendor statements should be forwarded to the Accounting Office and any questions regarding outstanding invoices should be directed to the Accounts Payable section.

Please note that university policy does not allow for the purchase of cards, flowers, and candy for the occasions of marriage, birth, death, illness, etc. from university funds. Purchases of flowers will be allowed in the event of death or hospitalization of certain key members of the community, or other universities (presidents, vice-presidents, deans or key administrative positions) having close contact with our university. Exceptions to this policy must be approved through the appropriate vice president.

In addition, all parking fines are considered to be the personal responsibility of the driver and are not properly chargeable to University Funds.

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