Purchase Requisitions

[Procedure] Last Updated: December 2015
Prior Manual Number: 9-5

A Purchase Requisition is required to initiate the process for each original purchase, for any change orders required, and for canceling a purchase order, unless a pre-approved procurement authorization exists. The Purchase Requisition form is available online from Procurement Services and Contract Management. The Purchase Requisition form should be completed and submitted electronically. No handwritten forms should be submitted.

Pre-approved procurement authorization examples: Refer to the document on Procurement Services and Contract Management website entitled, Procurement and Payment to Supplies without a Purchase Order (PDF).

Before entering information on the Purchase Requisition, save it as an Excel document. Each required window of the Purchase Requisition form includes explicit instructions for completion. The instructions are behind the form and may be seen by placing the cursor on the triangle in the upper right corner of each window. Completing the document correctly is made easy if the directions provided are followed.

It is critically important that all information be provided completely and correctly. In the “Description” window the first words should identify succinctly what is being purchased. For example, words such as “printer,” “computer,” or “software” would be seen first, as appropriate. This helps to identify specifically what is being requested to correctly classify the procurement.

Department Name: When entering the department name, please use an official university department name that is recognized by the University’s Campus Mail system.

Delivery Location: Please be sure to enter the end-user location where product(s) or service(s) will be delivered. If a delivery location does not apply, then use the location where the department’s copy (pink copy) of the PO should be sent.

Attach any quotes and/or documentation you have that will assist the buyer. If you have the vendor’s phone and fax numbers, please include those on the requisition.

Once the Purchase Requisition is completed, it must be signed by a person(s) authorized to incur expenditures against the department’s fund(s). If a Purchase Requisition is submitted to Accounts Payable Services with incorrect or unauthorized signatures, or is incomplete, it may be returned to the originating department for correction. It is important that each Purchase Requisition is checked for accuracy and completeness before forwarding to Accounts Payable Services. Once checked and approved by Accounts Payable Services, the Purchase Requisition is forwarded to the Budget Office in the Division of Administration and Finance for approval. If the purchase is approved by the Vice-President of the Division of Administration and Finance, or his designate, the purchase requisition will be forwarded to Procurement Services.

  • Purchases using “04” funds must also be approved by the Associate Director of Budgets and Facilities in the Executive VP and Provost’s Office. This approval is required before Procurement Services will process a requisition using “04” funds.

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