Travel Voucher Preparation

[Procedure] Last Updated: November 2014
Prior Manual Number: 4-31

Travel Voucher Forms

All claims for the reimbursement of traveling expenses shall be submitted on the travel voucher and shall be itemized in accordance with the instructions on the form and the travel regulations. The electronic form is available on the Controller's Office website.


The original completed travel voucher and receipts should be forwarded to an authorized signor for the funding distribution of the travel voucher. The traveler should retain a copy of the voucher and all receipts for his/her files. After approval, the authorized signor should forward the original to the Accounts Payable and Travel Office for processing.

When to Submit

Travel vouchers should be submitted to the Accounts Payable and Travel Office as soon as possible after completing travel. As a guideline, they should be submitted within 30 days of completion of travel. IRS regulations considers untimely submission of reimbursements to be taxable income, the state has determined that travel reimbursement is considered untimely when submitted 60 or more days after expenses were paid or incurred. Any travel voucher submitted more than 60 days after travel will require additional review by the Accounts Payable and Travel Office.

Individuals submitting travel vouchers are personally responsible for their accuracy and propriety. Any misrepresentation may be cause for disciplinary or legal action.

Accounts Payable and Travel Office Responsibilities

Each travel voucher will be reviewed for completeness, proper receipts, clerical accuracy and compliance to university and state policy. Questions will be referred to the traveler. Travel reimbursement will be direct deposited into the employees bank account on file with payroll.

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