Vendor Solicitations

[Procedure] Last Updated: December 2015
Prior Manual Number: 9-7

Prospective vendors are required to contact the Office of Procurement Services to set up an appointment for introductory visits with both Procurement Services staff and University departmental representatives who may be interested in the products or services offered by the vendor. Meaningful communication between any vendor and University personnel must be reported in accordance with Illinois Procurement Code 30 ILCS 500/50-39.

Vendors wishing to demonstrate equipment to prospective customers may do so provided that they have received a request for demonstration by one or more University departmental representatives and such requests have been approved by the Office of Procurement Services. Demonstration equipment left on campus overnight shall be the sole responsibility of the vendor. Vendors are encouraged to take appropriate steps to provide for the safety of their equipment while on campus.

Northern Illinois University requires that Office of Procurement Services staff make all purchasing commitments, excepting p-card holders and those granted agency by the University. No other University staff or faculty members are authorized to commit university funds or to financially obligate the University in any way. Prices quoted by vendors during visits on campus or during discussions with University representatives are not considered firm until a formal bid or written quotation is submitted by the vendor and will then remain firm until expiration as noted or negotiated.

Vendors should not solicit free trial periods with staff or faculty members of the University unless contractual agreements have been approved through the Office of Procurement Services.

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