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[Procedure] Last Updated: November 2012

Order Processing and Service Requests

All orders are entered by communications service specialists as documented below. Orders are required for all telecommunications requests, including telephone additions, deletions and changes. Orders are also required for networking additions, deletions and changes. Service requests may be placed in writing to Telecommunications Services. Questions concerning orders or service requests should be directed to Telecommunications customer service at 815-753-0963.

All services are charged back to the user department’s account (contractual services). Additional charges for repairs, software purchases and equipment or commodities used in providing service are also charged back to the department’s account.

Requests for Telephone Service (Additions, Deletions, Changes)

Requests may be made by emailing NIUTEL (address located in the GroupWise directory) or by memo on departmental letterhead authorized by the appropriate account fund advisor. To expedite order processing, the following information is needed:

  1. The type of service required.
  2. The department name and account number to be billed.
  3. The name and telephone number of the contact person.
  4. The date when the service is needed.
  5. The location including the building, room and jack.
  6. Budgetary advisor’s approval.
  7. The type of instrument/equipment/voicemail.
  8. The feature codes desired and key line-up if applicable.
  9. Special needs and services should be specified in detail.
  10. Engineering services can also be requested.

Information/Operator Services

Telecommunications Services offers several options for operator and information services. Live operators answer directory assistance and NIU information requests at 815-753-1000. An automated voice-activated directory allows directory information for faculty, students and staff 24X7 by dialing 815-753-4000.

Installation/Repair Technicians

Network Support Services staff are responsible for the configuration, installation and repair of all network and telecommunications equipment and networking cable, terminals and fiber for on- and off-campus facilities. This group’s workflow comes from work orders written by the communications service specialists and trouble tickets written by customer support center staff. Questions or comments about work orders should be directed to the Telecommunications customer support group at 815-753-0963. Questions or comments about trouble tickets should be directed to the customer support center at 815-753-8100.

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