Deliveries, Damage Claims, Off-Campus Shipments, Returns, Shipping Tickets

[Procedure] Last Updated: December 2015
Prior Manual Number: 9-8


All deliveries should be made to:

Central Receiving, Dorland Building
180 W. Stadium Drive
DeKalb, IL 60115

Other Locations

Additional on-campus approvals may be required for special circumstances involving deliveries made directly to the end-user’s office, lab, receiving dock, or any other location other than NIU’s Central Receiving. When special delivery circumstances are approved by all parties involved, complete delivery details must be specified on the purchase order. Examples of such special circumstances include, but are not limited to, controlled substances, pharmaceuticals, live animals, and hazardous items (which must be approved by Environmental Health and Safety prior to placing the order).

All packages should be carefully examined for any visible evidence of damage, particularly if the purchase is fragile or costly. The person ‘receiving’ the purchase should make a note of:

  • Date the order was received.
  • Name of the supplier.
  • Quantity received.
  • Purchase order number.

The receiving and purchase order information must be checked against the invoice to make sure that the quantities received are the same as the quantities being invoiced.

Damaged Claim

The shipper’s main office must be notified within 15 days of receipt of the damaged merchandise. The formal claim should:

  • Describe the damage.
  • Give the date the shipment was received.
  • Include a copy of the delivery receipt with the shipper’s signature and the receiver’s description of the damage.
  • Provide the name of the suppler.
  • Include a written estimate from the supplier of the costs to replace or repair the damaged items.
  • Provide a copy of supplier’s original invoice.

Returning Goods to the Supplier

Goods should not be returned without first notifying the supplier. Some suppliers require the end user/buyer to obtain a return authorization number and have procedures as to how and when a return shipment should be made. Some suppliers may also charge a restocking fee to offset the cost of returning the item to inventory. The individual returning the goods should keep a record of:

  • Name of the individual authorizing the return.
  • Authorization number and date.
  • Notes of any conversations with the supplier authorizing the return.
  • Date the shipment was returned.
  • Name of the carrier and the supplier’s complete address.
  • Name of the individual receiving the returned goods.

If the item being returned is expensive or fragile, it should be insured. Contact the NIU’s Risk Management Department for adequate insurance information.

Shipping Ticket

This procedure applies when a department has a need to ship items to vendors, colleagues, students, etc. utilizing a method other than our standard USPS method via Campus Mail.

The purpose of the Shipping Ticket form is for the university to track the items being shipped; account for credits and exchanges; notify Materials Management department that there is a package on campus that needs to be picked up and shipped; as well as to document the appropriate cost center that needs to be billed for the shipping costs. This policy applies to all shipments on campus with an exception as noted below.


If the department has the ability to ship the packages utilizing UPS drop boxes or by taking packages to the appropriate shipping facilities with a prepaid label, a shipping ticket is not necessary.


  • Departments who wish to use Central Receiving/Material Mgmt. for prepaid shipments instead of using a drop box or off campus shipping facility must complete a shipping ticket.
  • Departments who wish to drop off packages at Central Receiving must also complete a shipping ticket regardless of whether the package is prepaid or not. 

Note: As of September 8, 2015, it will be the department’s responsibility to set up a UPS account. If you have a shipment but do not have a UPS account yet, or if you plan to ship in the future, please contact Cheryl Alliston at 815-753-1514 or email her at, include as Cheryl’s backup. Cheryl will arrange an account for you with Northern Illinois University’s UPS representative. This process can take up to ten days, so it is suggested that you get an account set up as soon as possible.

Departments are responsible for:

  • Prepare the package.
  • Adhere a shipping label.
  • Prepare a Shipping Ticket* and email a copy of the Shipping Ticket to Dave Guzzardo and Keenon Darlinger at Central Receiving.
  • Deliver the package to Central Receiving for shipment, or if you need the package to be picked up from your campus location, you must also include in your email Gerald Keating in Materials Management so he can arrange for pick-up service.

*The steps for the shipping ticket process are as follows:

  1. The department needs to fill out all required blanks on the Shipping Ticket Form.
  2. Instructions for completing the shipping ticket correctly are located on the tab at the bottom of the page of the shipping ticket Excel document.

Should you have any questions on filling out a ‘shipping ticket’ for the first time, please contact Annette Reyes at 815-753-6180 or email her at

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