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At NIU Housing and Residential Services, we take our mission seriously. We're committed to giving you a safe, supportive and educationally empowering community where you can learn, grow and be successful within a complex and diverse world. To that end, we invite you to live and grow with us! It will make your residential experience a transformative one that puts you on the pathway for a successful journey.

In an effort to build safe, caring, inclusive communities in our residence halls, we provide you with this handbook that outlines the expectations for responsible behavior in our residential communities. If you have questions concerning this handbook or any of the Housing and Residential Services policies and procedures, please consult your community advisor (CA) or hall director. They will be happy to assist you.

We hope that your residence hall experience will allow you to maximize your experience here at NIU and create wonderful memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

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As a student at NIU, you're held to the Code of Student Conduct both on- and off-campus.

See the Code of Student Conduct for detailed information on university policies related to standards of acceptable behavior on campus.

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