Keys, Cards and Security

The residence hall community is home to thousands of students. It's very important for you to be safe and secure in the residence halls. All community members must be actively involved with creating a safe and secure environment to ensure all students can focus on academic success and building lasting friendships. Your pin can be found at

Security and Safety

Each of our halls have enhanced security.

  • Solid core room doors with deadlocking latch hardware.
  • Mandatory room door lock core changes when a key is reported missing.
  • Corridor entrance doors locked at all times.
  • Residents entering the building after 10 p.m. and before 5
    a.m. will present their OneCard to Access Control for resident and guest verification.
  • Key operation of elevators at all times.
  • Identification checks of residents and guests after 11 p.m.
  • Requirement to escort guests at all times.
  • Fines and disciplinary actions for violations of security regulations.
  • Professional staff on call 24 hours a day.
  • Community Safety Centers in residential areas.

Lobby Security

Between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. daily, building access will be restricted and proper identification of all residents' guests will be required. Exterior doors will be locked at all time. You'll need your NIU OneCard and hall entry card to enter the building. Supervisory support staff, professional residence hall staff, community advisors and public safety personnel will be available to respond to requests for assistance or information from residents, to enforce university policies and to respond to emergency situations.

  • Generally, residents and registered guests may remain in the lobby or common areas as long as their behavior is not disruptive to administrative operations or detrimental to the maintenance of an orderly and/or civil environment.
  • Disruptive residents will be asked to leave the public area. Disruptive guests may be required to leave the building and/or campus.
  • Loitering by nonresidents in residence hall public areas is prohibited. Violators are subject to arrest for trespassing.
  • Whenever necessary, the staff reserves the right to secure or clear any and all hall public areas including the main lobby.

Things You Can Do

You can help keep your residence hall safe and secure.

  • Keep your room door locked at all times. Don't allow someone you don't know or trust to enter your room.
  • Don't give your room key to anyone else.
  • Never prop open or alter the locking mechanism on any door. If you see a propped door, un-prop it and/or report it immediately to hall staff.
  • Personally observe all building security regulations including using appropriate entrances and carrying identification for building entrance at night.
  • Don't let people you don't know on to your floor.
  • Use appropriate caution, especially at night or at times of low traffic, when going to remote or dimly lit areas in or around the residence halls (basements, laundry rooms, parking lots, loading dock areas, etc.)
  • Immediately report any security system violation or hazard, such as a person on your floor who is not a floor resident or escorted guest, suspicious looking individuals in or around the residence halls, solicitors, propped doors, etc.
  • Record the serial numbers of all your valuables and use "Operation Identification" procedures to engrave expensive items. Contact NIU's Department of Police and Public Safety for further details.
  • Monitor your own behavior. Use of alcohol and other drugs can impair your ability to make good decisions. Think ahead and party safely. Acquaintance rape, assault and other crimes occur more frequently when one or both parties have consumed alcohol or taken drugs.

Getting Into Your Room

Depending on which hall you live in, you will use a key, your OneCard or both to get into your room.

Gilbert Present your OneCard to the card reader on your door and enter your PIN.
Grant Present your OneCard to the card reader on your door and enter your PIN. You also use your OneCard in the elevator to select your floor and at the front door of Grant Towers to enter at all times.
Stevenson Use your key to get into your room. You also use your key in the elevator to select your floor and your OneCard at the front door of Stevenson Towers to enter at all times.
Neptune Use your key to get into your room. You also use your OneCard at the front door of Neptune to enter at all times.
Patterson Use your key to get into your room. You also use your OneCard to get into your wing and your OneCard and PIN to get into your cluster. Use your OneCard to enter Patterson at all times.
Northern View Use your key to get into your apartment.

Locked out of your room?

Don't worry! We can help you if you've lost your key or OneCard and can't get in. Just stop by your hall's front desk and we'll get you a temporary key or card. The front desk is open 24/7 whenever the halls are open.

There may be a charge depending on how many times we've given you temporary access this academic year.

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