Accessibility and Accommodations

For students with disabilities, medical needs, or other situations that require accommodations or modifications to your Housing and Residential Services booking, we work with Health Services, the Counseling & Consultation Services, the Gender & Sexuality Resource Center, and the Disability Resource Center to determine what adaptations are appropriate and how we can best meet these needs.

Our accommodations and modifications include, but are not limited to:

  • Visual alerting devices
  • Braille signage
  • Multiple room types including singles, doubles, and suites
  • Access to private bathroom facilities and other privacy-related accommodations
  • Wheelchair accessible toilet, sink, and shower facilities
  • Adapted height desks, closets, and beds
  • Wireless transmitters to automatically open power doors
  • Keyless entry on student room doors
  • Wheelchair accessible buildings with access to laundry facilities and other amenities
  • Floor options including quiet lifestyle and alcohol free
  • Changes to meal plans

If you would like to begin the process of requesting an accommodation or modification, please contact the appropriate department from the list above based on your accommodation needs. For accommodation requests directed to Health Services please see the Housing and Residential Services Special Request for Medical Reasons Form. Return this completed form, along with the completed and signed documentation from your medical provider, to Health Services. From there, you will be contacted by Housing and Residential Services staff to complete the accommodation/modification.

To provide information to offer guidance and direction to emergency responders dispatched by the City of DeKalb Police Department, please complete the Premise Alert Program form.

If you have specific questions about our buildings and rooms, contact the Coordinator of Residential Facilities at 815-753-7407. If you need temporary assistance due to an injury, please report it as soon as possible.

A student requiring that a service or comfort animal live in university housing with them as a part of their medical accommodation should include that request on their Health Services form or may contact the Disability Resource Center directly for additional information.

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