We try to make life convenient so you can focus on the important things. Students who live in the residence halls have the convenience of using washers and dryers without having to pay for each wash or dry cycle. Instead, your laundry is included in your room and board fees.

Cycle Times

Wash cycle 20-30 minutes
Dry cycle 45 minutes

How Laundry Works

  1. In the laundry room, find an available washer, load your clothes, add your detergent, select your cycle choice and press start.
  2. When your wash cycle is done, take your clothes out and put them in an available dryer.
  3. Press the start button on the dryer.

Washer and Dryer Availability

Find available washers and dryers right from your room.

Laundry Rooms




Printable Guide

  • Detergent: Since these are high efficiency washers, you only need to use a 1/4 cup of high-efficiency laundry detergent in a wash cycle. Liquid detergent will produce better results than powder detergent. Heavily soiled spots and stains should be treated with liquid detergent or a pre-treatment stain remover to prevent them from permanently remaining on clothing.
  • Sort laundry thoughtfully: Clothing with dark dyes can stain other clothing. Sometimes new blue jeans can do this as well. Wash clothes with like colors and be mindful of water temperature.
  • Check your pockets: Loose items can be lost in the wash or can cause damage to clothing and machines. Open hooks and zippers can latch on other clothing and cause your clothes to tear. Before washing your clothes, check for items in pockets, loose buttons and open hooks or zippers.
  • Load machines only to capacity: Clothing should be placed loosely in the machine and only within the designated capacity. Damage can be caused to clothing and the machines if they are overloaded. Packing clothing tightly can result in clothes not being properly washed.

For more tips on doing your laundry, check out Laundry 101.

Having issues?

Report a problem with a washer or dryer

CSC Service Works maintains NIU's washers and dryers. To report an issue, please have the machine ID number ready when you submit the request. The ID number can be found on a large sticker on the front of each machine.

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