Freedom of Expression at NIU

Northern Illinois University is committed to freedom of expression and open discussion in all matters of public interest and is further committed to assuring all members of the University community have the broad latitude to speak, write, listen, challenge and learn.

Any member of the university community that engages in expressive activity at a campus location is encouraged to submit their event and notify the university on an intent to host a program. A university representative will connect with the main point of contact to offer assistance with a space reservation and learn more about the event. As noted in the Freedom of Expression procedures, registration for exterior space as well as the Board of Trustees meeting room, are requested to be submitted to the Office of the Dean of Students within five (5) calendar days of a planned event. 

Freedom of Expression activities include but are not limited to the following: demonstrations, counter-demonstrations, sit-ins, teach-ins, rally, vigils, exhibits, public forums, petitions, etc..

Note: Issues pertaining to freedom of speech and expression can be very complicated and confusing. This website is intended only to provide a brief outline about freedom of speech and expression, and is not meant to serve as legal advice.

If you are a currently registered Northern Illinois University student, you may wish to contact Students' Legal Assistance at (815) 753-1701 to schedule an appointment in order to discuss a particular question or issue. The Office of the Ombudsperson also provides students, faculty and staff with guidance to help solve a variety of university-related issues or conflicts.