Connect to NIU Internet

Get your PC, Mac, phone, tablet, or game console connected to the internet at NIU. Just use your student Z-ID to connect to NIU Wi-Fi anywhere on campus. If you're living on campus, you also have a wired connection in your room.

Connect to NIU Wireless

PC or Mac


  • On Android, select NIUWireless from the Wi-Fi list.
  • If it asks:

    EAP Method Select "PEAP"
    Phase 2 Authentication Select "MSCHAPV2"
    CA Certificate Select "(unspecified)"
    Identity Enter your Z-ID
    Password Enter your password
    Look up your Z-ID or get help with your password.

iPhone or iPad

Game Consoles

For residents on campus, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii U, and Nintendo Switch only work on your room's wired connection. Nintendo consoles need a USB LAN adapter purchased separately. Nintendo 2DS, 3DS and PS Vita will not work on NIU Wireless because they do not support WPA2 Enterprise authentication. If you're having trouble connecting your game console or getting an online game to connect, contact ResTech.

Wired Internet Connection in Residence Halls

We provide a wired broadband/Ethernet internet connection in all resident rooms. To connect, plug your computer or game console into the wall using your own Ethernet cable.

Personal routers and wireless access points are not allowed. They can interfere with NIU Wireless. If personal wireless routers are detected on the network, the Division of IT will block either the IP or MAC address of the router or block the entire port in the room. The resident will then be contacted by ResTech staff, the NIU Abuse Investigator, or network engineers, depending on the severity and time of day.

Each bedroom on campus has at least one network connection. If your bedroom has more than one port, only one of them may be active — be sure to try them all if you can't get online.

To connect multiple devices to one port, purchase an unmanaged hub or switch.

Residence Hall Ethernet Ports
Grant Two Ethernet ports per room.
Gilbert Two Ethernet ports per room.
Neptune Two Ethernet ports per room.
Stevenson One active Ethernet port per bedroom. Rooms have more than one port, but only one is active.
New Hall One Ethernet port per bedroom. One Ethernet port in the cluster living room behind the TV.
Northern View Community One Ethernet port per bedroom. One Ethernet port in the living room.

Need help getting connected? Contact the ResTech Helpdesk.

About the ResNet Access and Support Fee · All on-campus residents are charged $92 during the fall, spring, and summer for ResNet Access and Support. The funds collected enable us to provide internet access and support to you, including dedicated internet access to every room in the residence halls, NIU Wireless in all floor lounges and student rooms, infrastructure upgrades, and support for the service provided by the ResTech Helpdesk and Division of IT.

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