New Students

Your Z-ID and Password

  • Applicants and admitted students are assigned a permanent Z-ID.
  • Applicants and admitted students who don't know their Z-ID can look it up here.
  • Enrolled students can look up their Z-ID:
    • Go to and search for your name.
    • Select your name and you'll see your Z-ID as the first part of your email address.
  • Your initial password was sent via email. If you need assistance, call 815-753-8100.
  • The initial password expires after only 5 uses, so change it immediately at The new password you choose will expire after 365 days.

Your NIU Student Email Address

  • Read your NIU email. It is the official way NIU administration and faculty communicate with you.
  • View NIU mail on the web at


Check MyNIU for:

  • Your application status.
  • Registration.
  • Class schedule.
  • Financial aid.
  • Bills and payments, and more.
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