Acceptable Use Policy

Access Control Policy

Accident Response and Reporting Procedure

Alcoholic Beverage Policy

Animals on Campus

Authorship Policy

Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan

Board of Trustees Presidential Succession

Chemical Waste Management

Clery Act Compliance Policy

Compressed Gas Cylinder Policy

Conceal Carry University Policy

Confined Space Program

Conflicts of Interest in Research for Public Health Services (PHS)

Consensual Relationships Between Faculty, Staff and Students Policy

Contract Majors

Contractor Safety Program

Controlled Substance Policy

Curricular Definitions

Curricular Policies and Procedures

Disability Resource Center Policy and Procedure

Drug-Free Schools Communities Act

Election Procedures of the University Council

Emergency Eyewash and Shower Unit Program

Employment Procedures

Ethics and Accountability in the Workplace

Evans Field House

External Search Firms

Extra Employment for Graduate Assistants

Federal Trade Commission Red Flags Rules

Field Work Policy

Fire Prevention Program

Freedom of Expression Policy

Gilbert Hall Fitness Center

Graduate Course Requirements and Scheduling

Guidelines for Certificates of Graduate Study and Graduate-Level Concentrations

Hazardous Materials Transportation and Shipping

Health and Safety Policy

Hot Work Program

Huskie Pride Lights

Immunization Requirements

Information Security Policy

Informed Consent for Human Research

Institutional Animal Care and Use in Research and Teaching

Intellectual Property Policy

International Travel Policy and Procedures

IRB Membership and Responsibilities

IRB Review of Research with Human Subjects

IRB Review of Research with Human Subjects

Laboratory Safety Committee: Food and Drink in Laboratory Policy

Laboratory Safety Committee: Fume Hood Equipment Service and Maintenance Policy

Laboratory Safety Committee: Laboratory Inspection Program

Laboratory Safety Committee: Responding to Laboratory-Related Accidents or Incidents in the Academic Environment

Laboratory Safety Committee's Responsibility to Laboratory Related Incidents

Lockout Tagout Program

Mass Electronic Communications and Distribution Procedures

Membership of the University Council

Military Leaves of Absence - Response to Military Operations Concerning

Missing Student Notification Policy

New Hall Fitness Center

NIU Website Privacy Notice

Nondiscrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Policy and Procedures

Occupational Health and Safety Program for Animal Workers

Office Privacy Policy

Orientation Program Policies - First Year Summer Orientation

Outdoor Adventure Gear Rental

Outdoor Recreation Sports Complex

Payroll and Compensation

Personal Protective Lab Equipment Policy

Pest and Animal Control Procedure

Policies Pertaining to Graduate Assistantships

Policies Regarding Degree Programs Abroad

Policy on Programs to Prevent Sexual Misconduct

Posthumous Degree Policy

Powered Industrial Truck Operator Safety Program

Privacy Policy: Privacy in the Electronic Environment

Procedures for Appealing Allegedly Capricious Course Grades of Graduate-Level Students

Procedures for Appeals of Course Grades by Undergraduate Students

Recreation Center

RecWell Participant Agreement

Related Councils

Relationships between University Employees and Students Policy

Reports of Noncompliance Policies and Procedures

Research Involving Children

Research Involving Persons With Impaired Consent Capacity

Research Involving Prisoners

Research Misconduct

Responsible Conduct of Research

Reviewing and Reporting Unanticipated Problems

Scaffold and Ladder Safety Program

Schedules Hours and Overtime

Scholarship Administration Policy

Selection of a President

Severe Weather Closure

Sexual Misconduct Policy and Complaint Procedures

Sharing Student Conduct Records Procedure

Smoke-Free Campus Act

Smoke-Free Campus Policy

Standing Committees of the Faculty Senate

Standing Committees of the University Council

Student Code of Conduct

Student Employment

Student Evaluation of Instruction

Student Health Insurance

Student Optional Disclosure of Private Mental Health Act

Suspension or Closure of University Operations Pay and Benefit Policy

Termination of Students on Academic Probation

Termination or Resignation of Graduate Assistantship

Termination or Transfer of Students no Longer Eligible for Student Employment Due to Drop in Course Load

Tuition and Fee Waiver Policy

Tuition-Waivers Associated with Graduate Assistantships

Undergraduate Internships

Underground Storage Tank Operation and Maintenance

Use of Email Policy

Vulnerability and Patch Management Policy

Water Quality Management Program (Fire Hydrant Flushing, Water Main Breaks, and Boil Orders)

Water Quality Management Program (Potable Water)

Web Communications Policy

Workplace Violence Prevention

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