Alcoholic Beverage Policy

Policy Approval Authority President
Responsible Division Board of Trustees
Contact Person Chelsea Duis
Primary Audience Faculty
Date Submitted to Policy Library Committee 12-01-2011
Status Active
Effective Adoption Date 12-01-2011
Last Review Date 12-01-2011
Policy Category/Categories Athletics
Board of Trustees
Campus Safety / Security
Ethics & Conduct
Faculty & Academics
Human Resources / Employment
Marketing & Communication
Student Affairs

It is the policy of the Board of Trustees of Northern Illinois University that alcoholic beverages may be served or sold in facilities and locations under the control of the Board of Trustees for events that the Board may determine are public events, and not student-related activities, in accordance with the provisions of Illinois Public Act 97-0045. The Board of Trustees delegates authority to the President of the University or designee to implement this policy through the development of appropriate guidelines and procedures for determining the types of public events that may be eligible for the service or sale of alcoholic beverages.

The Board of Trustees understands that the determination of whether an event is a public event, as opposed to a student-related activity, depends upon the unique circumstances of the event. In any event, alcoholic beverages will only be served or sold to those event guests and participants who are over twenty-one (21) years of age. In addition to considering applicable laws and regulations regarding the sale and service of alcohol, pursuant to Illinois Public Act 97-0045, the President or designee shall consider the following factors in determining whether a public event is eligible for the serving or sale of alcoholic beverages:

  • Whether the event is a student activity or student-related activity;
  • Whether the physical setting of the event is conducive to control of alcohol sales and distribution;
  • The ability of the event operator to ensure that the sale or serving of beverages and the demeanor of the participants are in accordance with State law and University policies;
  • Regarding the anticipated attendees at the event, the relative proportion of individuals under the age of 21 to individuals ages 21 or older;
  • The ability of the venue operator to prevent the sale or distribution of beverages to individuals under the age of 21;
  • Whether the event prohibits participants from removing alcoholic beverages from the venue; and,
  • Whether the event prohibits participants from providing their own beverages to the venue.

The President or designee is not prohibited from considering other factors that may be deemed relevant and important. The University reserves the complete and exclusive right to withhold or terminate the sale and service of alcoholic beverages to any organization, group, or individual at any time and for any reason deemed appropriate by the University. This includes the University’s right for its staff, contractors, and representatives to refuse the service or sale of alcohol to any guest or participant who appears to be intoxicated, inebriated or impaired due to alcohol consumption.

This policy statement supersedes any previous University policies or procedures related to the sale or service of alcoholic beverages in buildings under the control of the Board of Trustees of Northern Illinois University. As a part of the delegated authority to implement this policy, the President may issue revised, updated, new or amended policies as deemed necessary and appropriate.


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