Orientation Program Policies - First Year Summer Orientation

Policy Approval Authority President
Responsible University Office Orientation and Family Connections
Responsible Officer(s) Director
Contact Person Jenna Pracht, jkrumpos1@niu.edu
Primary Audience Student
Status Active
Effective Adoption Date 02-01-2016
Last Review Date 06-01-2018
Policy Category/Categories Ethics & Conduct
Facilities / Real Estate
Governance / Administration

Program Policies and Fees

Orientation is the first step of your education at NIU. The expectation is that you take advantage of the opportunity orientation presents to learn how to be successful at NIU. Failure to attend or participate in any parts of orientation can jeopardize proper academic advising and enrollment. Please note: complete participation includes spending the night in Grant North Residence Hall.

All admitted students are required to attend and complete an orientation program in order to register for classes.

You (as a new student) are considered a student at NIU while participating in the orientation program. You (students) are, therefore, expected to abide by all university polices and conduct outlined in the NIU Student Code of Conduct.

Overnight Policy

As part of the orientation program, new students must spend the night with the orientation program in Grant North Residence Hall.

If you’re a commuter student or local to DeKalb, you still will need to spend the night in Grant North Residence Hall to complete your orientation requirement.

Exemptions may be granted on a case by case basis. Rationale for approved exemptions include documented medical issues or religious reasons. If you’d like to ask for an exemption from the overnight requirement because you believe you meet the rationale for exemption, you must contact Orientation and Family Connections at orientation@niu.edu two weeks prior to your orientation date.

Alcohol and Other Drug Use

The orientation program strictly adheres to NIU campus policy, as well as all state and federal laws regarding alcohol and/or drug use. The use of alcohol and/or drugs during the program is not permitted.

Students who are in the presence of and/or consuming alcohol and/or drugs will be referred to the office of Student Conduct and/or the university Police Department. Failure to abide by this policy could also result in being asked to leave the program without registering for classes.  Students who are asked to leave the program are still responsible for all confirmation fees.

Residence Halls

Trash/Removal of Belongings

While spending the night in a residence hall, students are responsible for maintaining this living space. Upon checkout, students must dispose of any trash in the designated locations and remove all of their belongings. A fee will be charged for any garbage or belongings left in the assigned room.

Guests in the Residence Halls

Only students assigned to a specific room are permitted to be in the room. Guests are not allowed in the rooms. No exceptions unless approved in writing by Orientation and Family Connections and the Division of Student Affairs.

Damage/Missing Items

Damage to the room is the sole responsibility of the students assigned to that space. Students are not permitted to take any belongings provided to them by the university (linens, furniture, etc.).  If room items are damaged or missing, students will be charged as necessary.


Students are responsible for carrying their key cards at all times. All key cards must be returned before students head to advising on day two. If a key card is lost or stolen, students will be responsible for paying a $10 fee per key card.

Security Agreement

Orientation & Family Connections highly recommends that your room be kept locked at all times (even when in the room) and that windows be closed and locked when you are gone. Please note that Orientation & Family Connections is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items.

Smoke Free

Illinois State Law prohibits smoking in all campus locations, buildings and residence halls. Students violating this law will be referred to the Student Conduct Office and/or the University Police Department. For more information, please visit the NIU Smoke-Free website.

Late Policy or Missing Portions of the Program

Students must arrive to orientation on time. If students show up late, they will be asked to reschedule their orientation program.

Failure to attend or participate in any parts of orientation can jeopardize proper academic advising and enrollment.

Assistance Needed During Orientation (Disability, Mobility, and/or Dietary Restrictions)

We want to ensure success at your orientation program. If you need an accommodation for any mobility, disability and/or dietary restrictions, please indicate this when you register for orientation. We also recommend contacting us at 815-753-1535 or orientation@niu.edu at least two weeks prior to your orientation to finalize your accommodations.

Confirmation and Orientation Fees

Program Type
(student or family)
Length Fee Per Person Meals Included Parking Included in Fee
First-Year Student
(Spring program)
1 day TBA None Yes
First-Year Family
(Spring program)
1 day None None Yes
First-Year Student
(Summer/Fall program)
2 days, with required overnight component $155 Yes Yes
First-Year Family
(Summer/Fall program)
2 days, with overnight (optional in New Hall East) *$74 per person, paid in advance
*$89 per person, paid at the door
Yes Yes
First-Year Family
(Summer/Fall program)
2 days, with overnight (optional in Holmes Student Center) *$102 per person (plus tax), paid in advance, paiy at the door is not an option Yes Yes
First-Year Family (Summer/Fall program) 2 days, with no overnight *$33 per person, paid in advance
*$38 per person, paid in at the door

Yes Yes

**Fee is charged per person regardless of the age of the participant.

Billing and Payment

  • Students need to pay the full amount of the confirmation fee to reserve your spot at NIU and to make your orientation reservation.
  • The full amount of the family orientation fee and family overnight fee (if applicable) must be paid to register guests to attend Family Orientation and stay overnight on-campus (if applicable).
  • If you have any questions regarding the confirmation fee or family orientation fees, please contact Orientation & Family Connections at 815-753-1535.

Reservation Modification and Cancellation Policy

  • Check-in for orientation is required and students need to be on time. You are expected to arrive at orientation on time. Please plan accordingly.
  • If you are going to be late you will have to reschedule. Please call us at 815-753-1535 to reschedule. All information shared at orientation is critical for your success at NIU. You cannot miss any portion of the program.
Withdrawing Admissions and Canceling Orientation Reservation
  • If you decide to not attend NIU after signing up for an orientation session, please contact us at orientation@niu.edu to cancel.
  • The confirmation fee and family orientation fee(s) is nonrefundable. Please be certain of your decision to attend NIU before paying the confirmation and family orientation fees and making your orientation reservation.

Questions Regarding Policies and Fees

Contact Orientation & Family Connections at 815-753-1535 or orientation@niu.edu.

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