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Policy Approval Authority President
Responsible Division Division of Student Affairs
Responsible University Office Recreation and Wellness
Responsible Officer(s) Associate Director of Facility Operations
Contact Person Christine Lagattolla, clagattolla@niu.edu
Primary Audience Faculty
Status Active
Last Review Date 06-01-2018
Policy Category/Categories Ethics & Conduct
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Student Affairs


A current NIU OneCard, student z-id or employee a-id/employee account number must be provided at the time of rental. Alumni and the General Public will need to create an account, see Non-Student information below for more details.

Non-Student renters which includes the general public is required to create an account at the time of first time rental by completing an Add Customer Form.  This does not need to be completed in advance. An account number will be provided for future rentals. Renters not willing to complete the required information on the form will not be allowed to rent equipment. 


Rates vary for NIU students and faculty, staff, alumni and the general public. Get more information about Gear Rental rates.  

Camping Equipment

  • If rented “Weekend” check out equipment for one up to four days
  • If rented “Week Plus” check out equipment for five up to 11 days

Water, Winter and Sports Gear

  • If rented “Per Day” check out equipment one day and return the next day.
  • If rented per “Weekend” check out equipment on Thursday - Monday or Friday - Tuesday.
  • If rented per “Week” check out on any day of the week and return by the same day the following week e.g. Friday - Friday.

If you chose to rent beyond any of the posted options, additional rates will be added on to the original rate, dependent on whichever will be least expensive. If you rent equipment over winter break when the Adventure Center is closed, pay either “week” for water, winter, and sports gear or “week plus” for camping and biking equipment.

Late, Lost or Damaged Items

  • All late fees, and the costs of repairing or replacing damaged equipment, are the responsibility of the renter. A late fee will be charged to any person not returning equipment on or before the due date.
  • For items returned dirty or wet, an $8 fee for equipment valued less than $100 and a $15 fee for equipment valued more than $100 is assessed.
  • Lost equipment will be charged at the current replacement cost for the piece of equipment.
  • The assistant director for Outdoor Adventures will determine charges to repair damaged equipment.


Equipment cannot be renewed over the phone. For renewals, all items must be brought into the Adventure Center for processing.

Returning Equipment

  • All rentals must be returned to the Adventure Center during business hours.
  • Equipment will not be accepted at the main desk of Recreation and Wellness.

Tent Return

  • All tents must be returned clean, dry and complete.
  • Upon return of tents, the renter must set up each tent completely for damage assessment.
  • Allow 1/2 hour for each tent to be inspected to ensure tents are in acceptable condition.
  • Tents must be folded/rolled and re-packed by the renter.


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