Curricular Policies and Procedures

Original Policy Source APPM Section III Item 1
Primary Audience Faculty
Status Active
Effective Adoption Date 03-02-1992
Last Review Date 09-08-2016
Policy Category/Categories Faculty & Academics

Introduction and Responsibilities

This section of the Academic Policies and Procedures Manual is presented as a guide for processing, reporting, and seeking approval of curricular material through university committees, councils, and external boards. Included are descriptions of the information required, the method of reporting, the channels for submitting, and other general information. The process for approval of Program Improvement and Expansion (PIE) requests is tied to the budget and Academic Planning Council cycles. The calendar of these cycles will be updated annually.

Refer to Article 13 of the University Bylaws for the Principles Governing Curricular Development and the duties of the academic councils of the university.

Responsibility for the University's curriculum is vested in its faculty. Academic resource allocation is the responsibility of the Executive Vice President and Provost, the deans, and the department chairs. It is the responsibility of university-level curriculum bodies to define university-wide criteria and guidelines governing curricula and degrees. It is the responsibility of a college curriculum committee to approve all curricular innovations and changes emanating from any department within the college. It is also the responsibility of the college to examine and confirm the availability of resources needed for new courses and units of instruction. Three academic councils are responsible for academic programs: the Academic Planning Council, the Baccalaureate Council, and the Graduate Council.

It shall be the responsibility of the Provost, the Vice Provost, and the Dean of the Graduate School to see that all curricular proposals are properly submitted through the appropriate campus channels. When necessary, the Provost shall see that proposals are properly transmitted to such external agencies as required.

Any questions not specifically covered in this manual with reference to definitions, procedures, and jurisdiction should be referred to the Provost's Office.

Approved by Graduate Council, March 2, 1992 
Approved by Undergraduate Coordinating Committee, April 30, 1992 
Editorial modification, September 16, 2003 and February 6, 2004
Approved by the Baccalaureate Council on September 8, 2016


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