Student Health Insurance

Policy Approval Authority President
Responsible Division Division of Student Affairs
Responsible University Office Health Services
Responsible Officer(s) Director of Health Services
Contact Person Andrew Digate,
Primary Audience Faculty
Status Active
Last Review Date 02-20-2018
Policy Category/Categories Campus Safety / Security
Finance / Risk Management
Student Affairs


NIU values the health and wellbeing of all of its students. Unexpected health care expenses can jeopardize a student’s financial stability and/or or create barriers to completing a degree at NIU.


Students who enroll in 9 or more credit hours are automatically billed for the Student Health Insurance plan, unless all credit hours are entirely online.

Students may waive their Student Health Insurance by the published deadline date if:

  • They have insurance that meets the minimum Affordable Care Act standards.
  • Medicaid policies from other states are not acceptable.
  • International Student Insurance Plans, Travel, Short-term plans and out of state HMOs are not acceptable for waiver.

Students who are not taking 9 hours, may enroll in the SHI plan as long as they have at least 6 credit hours, on or off campus. Students must complete the online enrollment form by the published deadline date.

Students, working on their thesis or doctorate or are doing an internship and taking at least 1 credit hour are eligible to purchase the SHI plan. They should complete the online enrollment form by the published deadline date. This option is available for four semesters only.

International students taking less than 6 credit hours are able to purchase student health insurance if they enroll in at least 1 credit hour on or off campus.

Students, who have lost their primary coverage, may enroll/re-enroll in the SHI plan with an effective of either the date they submit their request or the date of when their other insurance terminates, whichever is later, if they submit proof of loss of coverage and the Enrollment form, within 31 days of loss of coverage.

Summer coverage: Students enrolled in the SHI plan for the spring semester, are automatically covered through summer, even if graduating in May. Students beginning their studies during summer semester, may purchase summer only coverage. Students must enroll in Summer only coverage no later than the first week of summer classes.


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