Undergraduate Internships

Original Policy Source APPM Section III Item 6
Primary Audience Faculty
Status Active
Effective Adoption Date 04-30-1992
Policy Category/Categories
  1. Student internships will normally meet the following standards.
    • Not more than 15 semester hours of credit should count toward the 120 credit hours required for graduation except where accrediting standards (organizations/agencies) or professional practice require a greater number of hours.
    • S/U grading should be used for internships except where there is close faculty supervision of students or where professional practice indicates preference for letter grades.
    • The ratio of actual clock hours in the internship to credit hours earned should not exceed 30:1, excluding travel and preparation time.
  2. Department curriculum committees should be responsible for providing the college curriculum committee with the following information when proposing new internship courses:
    • Relationship of the internship to the total program.
    • Requirements or recommendations of accrediting agencies, organizations, or professional standards when applicable.
    • Objectives of the internship and procedure for evaluating student accomplishments.
    • Type and amount of supervision of student interns.
    • Role and/or responsibility of the participating internship agency.
    • Evidence that quality control of the internship rests with the college/department.
    • Qualifications of personnel supervising student interns.
    • Faculty-student ratio.
    • Whether internship is for majors only or also for non-majors (with rationale given for non-majors).
    • Student prerequisites for the internship should be spelled out, e.g., GPA, hours earned, etc.

Approved by Undergraduate Coordinating Council, April 30, 1992

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