Outstanding Student Award for Women Advocacy

The Outstanding Student Award for Women Advocacy recognizes students who demonstrate active engagement in women's issues and advocacy through campus or community engagement, and aspirations and/or activities that advance the representation of women.

Sharon Howard: Faculty/Staff Who Make a Difference

The Sharon Howard: Faculty/Staff Who Make a Difference Award acknowledges outstanding dedication to the empowerment of NIU faculty, students or staff by making important contributions to improving the advancement of women's issues and/or the promotion of gender equity in the campus community. This award is open to all faculty and staff.

Wilma D. Stricklin

The Wilma D. Stricklin Award is awarded to an NIU-affiliated individual who has demonstrated exemplary leadership/service resulting in a more favorable campus climate for women, provided continual leadership/service over an extended period of time and expended efforts beyond expectations and work responsibilities.

Outstanding Mentor

The Outstanding Mentor Award recognizes individuals who have shown exceptional commitment to advancing the career and/or educational goals of NIU women students, staff and/or faculty. This person is someone who consistently acts as an exemplary teacher, coach, advisor, facilitator, resource and creates opportunities that help protégés achieve their goals.

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