Every spring, a campus announcement is posted where the university president solicits nominations to the commissions for the upcoming academic year. If you are an NIU student or a faculty or staff member and are interested in joining the commission, please contact us at

Current Members

Name Department Commission Term
Therese Arado, Chair College of Law 2020-2023
Dana N. Bardolph Department of Anthropology 2020-2023
Meg Burnham Nutrition Coaching 2021-2024
Alan Clemens Illinois Interactive Report Cards Office 2020-2023
Alissa Droog Libraries 2020-2023
Pettee Guerrero Contuining Professional Education 2018-2024
Anne Hanley NGO Leadership and Development 2016-2022
Aubrey Hense Fraternity and Sorority Life 2020-2023
Rebecca (Becqui) Hunt Ethics and Compliance 2015-2024
Yvonne Johnson Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning 2015-2024
Blythe Kittner Allied Health and Communicative Disorders 2019-2022
Rebekah Kohli College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 2020-2023
Rhiannon Luft Disability Resource Center 2019-2022
Carol McFarland McKee Registration and Records 2018-2024
Theresa Melidis Ethics and Compliance 2021-2024
Shanthi Muthuswamy, Assistant Chair College of Engineering and Engineering Technology 2016-2022
Virginia Naples Biological Sciences 2015-2024
Gudrun Nyunt Counseling and Higher Education 2020-2023
Dee Anna Phares Libraries 2020-2023
Andrea Radasanu Political Science/University Honors 2017-2023
Jessica Reyman Department of English 2016-2023
Judy Santacaterina College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 2015-2024
Denise Schoenbachler Department of Marketing 2017-2023
Shannon Stoker Research Compliance Integrity and Safety 2018-2024
Sheila Tahernezhadi NIU Student 2021-2024
Laura Vazquez Department of Communication 2015-2024
Patty Wallace, Secretary Research Compliance, Integrity and Safety 2017-2023
Jessica Webb Web and Internal Communications 2016-2022
Liz Wright Office of the President 2015-2023
Vicki Wronkowski Human Resource Services 2020-2023


Name Representing Office
TBD Athletics
Vernese Edghill-Walden Academic Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
TBD Center for the Study of Women, Gender and Sexuality
TBD Gender and Sexuality Resource Center
Vernese Edghill-Walden Provost's Office