Every spring, a campus announcement is posted where the university president solicits nominations to the commissions for the upcoming academic year. If you are an NIU student or a faculty or staff member and are interested in joining the commission, please contact us at

Current Members

Name Department Commission Term
Aubrey Hense, chair Student Wellness, Counseling and Consultation Services 2020-2026
Gudrun Nyunt, vice chair Counseling and Higher Education 2020-2026
Dee Anna Phares, secretary Libraries 2020-2026
Pettee Borissova Continuing Professional Education 2018-2024
Meg Burnham Nutrition Coaching 2021-2024
Stephanie Dietrich NIU STEAM 2023-2026
Verae Fields NIU Student 2022-2023
Kim Gatz Department of Communication 2022-2025
Rebecca (Becqui) Hunt Ethics and Compliance 2015-2024
Yvonne Johnson Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning 2015-2024
Blythe Kitner Allied Health and Communicative Disorders 2019-2025
Rachel Lower College of Engineering and Engineering Technology 2022-2025
Rhiannon Luft Disability Resource Center 2019-2025
Samantha McCarron Enrollment Management, Marketing and Communications 2022-2025
Carol McFarland McKee Vice Provost, Academic Affairs 2018-2024
Theresa Melidis Ethics and Compliance 2021-2024
Shanthi Muthuswamy College of Engineering and Engineering Technology 2016-2025
Virginia Naples Biological Sciences 2015-2024
Megan Pitner College of Engineering 2023-2026
Mariana Ricklefs College of Education 2023-2026
Shannon Stoker Research Compliance Integrity and Safety 2018-2024
Wes Swingley Biological Sciences 2022-2025
Patty Wallace Research Compliance, Integrity and Safety 2017-2026
Jessica Webb University Marketing 2016-2025
Ursula Sullivan College of Business 2023-2026
Vicki Wronkowski Human Resource Services 2020-2026
Carrie Zack Institutional Effectiveness 2023-2026


Name Representing Office
Lynsey Bernardy Athletics
T. Ajewole Duckett Academic Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Katy Jaekel Center for the Study of Women, Gender and Sexuality
Molly Holmes Gender and Sexuality Resource Center
Jennifer Manning Student Affairs
Kerry Wilks Provost's Office
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