About the Well-being Commission

The Presidential Commission on Well-being is the primary advisor to the president on issues and concerns related to well-being at NIU. Commission members work to promote optimal health and wellness as the foundation that allows our entire community to flourish.

Our mission is to promote systemic enhancement of well-being at NIU.


  • Well-being equity
  • Well-being for recruitment, retention and success
  • Well-being in the learning environment
  • Well-being in the built and natural environments
  • Well-being programs and services


The commission originated in a Well-being Steering Committee established in early 2020. This committee met throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and created the purpose, mission and priority areas represented by the commission today.

In December 2020, NIU was invited to become part of the United States Health Promoting Campuses Network (USHPC) and join a cohort of schools adopting the Okanagan Charter in 2021.

During spring 2021, working groups of faculty, staff and students from across campus were formed. These groups met regularly to operationalize priority areas while engaging with the NIU community to build communication and achieve goals.

On Sept. 1, 2021, President Lisa C. Freeman adopted the Okanagan Charter, making NIU one of eight U.S. schools to become a Health Promoting University. Later that month, a website focused on well-being at NIU was launched.

In April 2022, President Freeman approved the creation of the Presidential Commission on Well-being.

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