Add Funds and Use Your Huskie Bucks

Huskie Bucks is a pre-paid debit account for students, faculty and staff connected to your OneCard. Use Huskie Bucks to pay for copying/printing, and food purchases at designated locations on and off of the DeKalb NIU campus. Simply open your account by adding funds to your card.

There is no minimum balance required to maintain a Huskie Bucks account. However, as this is a debit account and not a credit account, the balance must not drop below $0.00.

There are no annual fees, over-limit charges or late payment fees with Huskie Bucks. However, checks that are written to the university and are returned as non-sufficient funds are subject to a fee.

Huskie Bucks accounts for NIU students and faculty/staff that become inactive after one year with no activity and has a balance of greater than $5.13 will receive a 2.5% administration fee. Balances less than $5.13 will be forfeited. Guests with NIU ID Campus Partner Cards or via Courtesy Card who have been inactive for one year will be assessed an inactivity fee of $5 per month, until the account balance is zero or a transaction is made. Learn more in the Huskie Bucks Disclosure.

Add Funds to Your Huskie Bucks Account

Credit or Debit Card

Sign in to  Transact eAccounts  with your Z-ID/AccountID and NIU password.

Deposits for a Parent, Child, Relative or Friend

  1. Visit Transact eAccounts (Having issues with the eAccounts app?).
  2. Select the  Guest Deposit option. 
  3. Enter the student's first name.
  4. Enter the student's last name.
  5. Enter student's  EMPLID.

Cash or Check

Cash or checks (made payable to NIU) accepted at the following locations:


Download our  Huskie Bucks Mail Deposit Form and send a check made payable to the address provided. Deposits are made the same day we receive them.

Huskie Bucks Visitor Card

If you are not eligible for a OneCard ID but still wish to use Huskie Bucks, you may purchase a Huskie Bucks Visitor Card for $1.00 and then use it anywhere Huskie Bucks are accepted.

Use Your Huskie Bucks

*Residential Huskie Bucks cannot be used to purchase transcripts, bowling and billiard or non-food items (e.g., coffee cups, etc.)


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