Huskie Bucks

A Huskie Bucks Account is a pre-paid debit account that students, faculty and staff may open with the university to use for various services such as laundry, copying/printing, and food purchases at designated locations on and off of the DeKalb NIU Campus. This account is accessed with the OneCard ID. Huskie Bucks is a must-have for students living in the residence halls. The Huskie Bucks program facilitates life on campus by freeing students and employees from carrying cash, speeding checkout lines, and helping parents provide flexible food spending for their students. Open your account today!

Note: A Huskie Bucks account is not the same as a meal plan (including Flex Dollars). Although a student may have multiple accounts accessed by the same OneCard ID, the monies stay separated.

*Residential Huskie Bucks cannot be used to purchase transcripts, bowling and billiard or non-food items (e.g., coffee cups, etc.).

Huskie Bucks can be used for any of the following purposes: