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CITL Dashboards

The following dashboards visually summarize the teaching support services offered by the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning for faculty, staff, and graduate teaching assistants at Northern Illinois University during the current 2022-2023 academic year (July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023). For previous years, see our activities and reports.

Workshops, Institutes and Events

Programs on strategies and tools for teaching, offered both live in-person as well as online.

Individualized Instructional Support

Individual assistance with strategies and technology, available online, or over the phone or in person.

Booked Individual Appointments

Individual appointments for assistance with instructional strategies and technology integration.

Digital Media Studio Use

Use of CITL Digital Media Studio, including Multimedia Desktop Studio, One Button Video Studio and Lightboard Studio.

Ultra Transition Academy

Faculty participation in Blackboard Ultra Transition Academy and course transitions in development as a result of the Academy.

Blackboard Ultra Adoption

Faculty adoption of Blackboard Ultra Course View and trends in their use of Ultra for teaching courses.

Online Learning Trends

See trends in online learning preferences and course offerings at NIU over time.

Online Credit Hours

Student credit hours (SCH) attempted by semester and mode of instruction.

Online Course Enrollment

Number and percent of students enrolled in online courses past five years.

Teaching Online

Number of faculty teaching hybrid and online courses past five years.

Faculty Professional Development

Faculty participation in training and support for online teaching.

Quality Essentials Courses

Faculty recognized for teaching online courses meeting NIU Quality Essential standards.

Trends and Highlights

Overview of current online learning trends at NIU.

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