Meet Our Staff

Leadership Team

Jason Rhode

Jason Rhode

Associate Vice Provost for Teaching, Learning, and Digital Education
815-753-2475 | AC115
Tracy Miller

Tracy Miller

Director of Instructional Design and Development
815-753-8315 | AC111
Stephanie Richter

Stephanie Richter

Director of Teaching Excellence and Support
815-753-0614 | AC110

Administrative Support

Name Title Phone Email Location
Amy Deegan Office Support Specialist 815-753-0595 AC107
Tina Moran Administrative Assistant 815-753-5361 AC107

Teaching Excellence and Support

Name Title Phone Email Location
Yvonne Johnson Multimodal Teaching Coordinator 815-753-2690 AC100A
Amanda Smothers Teaching and Learning Coordinator 815-753-5803 AC116
Michael Strunk Multimedia Coordinator 815-753-7165 AC114
Michael Taylor Instructional Support Specialist 815-753-1385 AC112

Instructional Design and Development

Name Title Phone Email Location
Diane Alberts Senior Instructional Designer 815-753-6874 AC100F
Megan Holt Online Teaching Coordinator 815-753-5320 AC100K
Jennifer Howard Video Producer and Instructional Designer 815-753-0179 AC100G
Christiane Ong-McCarthy Senior Instructional Designer 815-753-2401 AC100J
Cynthia Paralejas Senior Instructional Designer 815-753-4003 AC100H
Rob Piercy Senior Instructional Designer 815-753-3163 AC100J

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