The center promotes effective teaching and learning through a number of tutorials that have been developed for NIU faculty/staff, graduate teaching assistants, and students. The following online tutorials were developed by the center and are available for on-demand learning and/or to incorporate into teaching and learning course activities.

The purpose of these tutorials is to promote academic integrity at Northern Illinois University by increasing students' awareness of the issues, offering strategies for students to protect themselves from academic dishonesty situations, and increasing faculty's awareness of the issues and offering them strategies to address academic dishonesty incidents effectively. These tutorials are intended for self-paced learning by students and faculty and can be used as an educational resource to supplement classroom discussions on academic integrity.

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Short tutorials are available highlighting various features of Blackboard and including tips and best practices in teaching. Some tutorials are developed by NIU, while others have either been developed by other institutions and shared to with permission or made available by Blackboard.

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This tutorial is intended for self-paced learning by students in all disciplines in effective presentation techniques. Topics include:

    • Preparing for the Presentation
    • Organizing the Presentation
    • Designing Effective Presentation Materials
    • Rehearsing the Presentation
    • Delivering the Presentation
    • Handling Questions and Answers

Faculty can use the tutorial as part of their classroom discussions on effective classroom presentation practices and encourage students to review the content and complete the quiz as part of a course activity.

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This tutorial is designed to help students review common mistakes in English grammar, punctuation, organization, and writing styles, following American Psychological Association (APA) and Modern Language Association (MLA) guidelines. It is intended for self-paced learning by students. Faculty can use it as an educational resource to supplement their classroom discussions on effective writing practices.

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This video tutorial provides a brief introduction and overview to the features in NIU's student success and retention platform, Navigate.

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