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About the Center

The Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL) provides comprehensive services supporting excellent teaching and learning at Northern Illinois University.


Our vision is to be a catalyst for transformative learning experiences for faculty and students.


We support effective and innovative teaching in pursuit of transformative learning experiences.


In pursuing our vision and fulfilling our mission, we value and practice:

Quality and Excellence

  • We practice and promote evidence-based and learner-focused teaching, learning, and instructional design strategies.
  • We commit our resources to continuous quality improvement.
  • We leverage and develop the skills and talents of our staff in a team approach to serve our campus community in the most effective way possible.

Innovation and Transformation

  • We champion innovative and creative approaches to teaching and learning.
  • We explore and evaluate new technologies and strategies to inform their effective integration into teaching and learning.
  • We create and advocate for creating transformative learning experiences for our faculty and students.

Service and Empowerment

  • We practice a service mindset through relationships based on respect and trust.
  • We empower faculty and students by helping them engage their strengths and identifying and satisfying professional development needs.
  • We build communities of practice, providing a safe place for risk taking, and providing opportunities for sharing and leadership.

Ethics and Integrity

  • We practice and promote respect for intellectual property, privacy, and ethical practice.
  • We champion transparency and clarity.
  • We communicate with each other and with faculty and staff honestly, respectfully, and constructively.

Diversity and Equity

  • We practice and promote teaching and learning strategies that celebrate and serve the diversity of our faculty and students.
  • We champion the development of learning experiences that are accessible and meaningful for all students.
  • We defend the principles of equity and inclusion in all facets of our mission.


The major functions of the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning are as follows:

  • Coordinate, develop, and deliver professional development for faculty, instructors, teaching assistants, and other teaching staff related to teaching and technology integration
  • Conduct individual and group consultations for faculty, instructors, teaching assistants, and other teaching staff related to teaching and technology integration
  • Provide service and support for the design and development of online programs and courses
  • Connect faculty to other university resources and support
  • Create and curate resources on teaching and technology integration
  • Engage with the university at-large as a resource on teaching, technology integration, and faculty concerns

The center periodically assesses faculty needs, obtains inputs from the Office of the Provost, consults with the Innovative Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee and refines its mission, vision, and functions accordingly. The center develops short term plans for each academic year and carries out those plans that are feasible during each academic year.

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Center for Innovative
Teaching and Learning

Phone: 815-753-0595

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