Faculty Learning Communities

Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) are small groups of faculty and instructors who meet regularly throughout the year about a specific topic related to teaching and learning.

FLCs provide opportunities to:

  • engage in active, collaborative discussions across disciplines in a supportive environment
  • learn about and implement innovative teaching techniques
  • explore teaching topics in greater depth than a workshop permits
  • collaborate on scholarship and research related to teaching and learning

What to Expect

FLCs are different from CITL’s other programs and services, so here are a few hints for what to expect from the experience:

  • You will meet 4-6 times during the year
  • Session dates and times will be determined based on participant availability
  • Each FLC will be limited to 12 participants to promote active participation
  • FLCs are open to faculty, instructors, and teaching staff (SPS and Civil Service); unfortunately, FLCs are not open to graduate teaching assistants at this time
  • CITL staff are organizing and facilitating the community but will generally not be presenting
  • FLC meetings will be held online or in-person with a livestreaming option

Contact Us

Center for Innovative
Teaching and Learning

Phone: 815-753-0595
Email: citl@niu.edu

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