Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

2020 Recipients

  • Hana Alturki (Department of Educational Technology, Research and Assessment)
  • Kyle Killebrew (Department of English)
  • Michelle Kittling-Brewer (Department of Communication)
  • Bailey Zo Kreager (Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences)
  • Jenny Lynn Maier (School of Music)
  • Ashley Sanchez (Department of Sociology)

Call for Nominations

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2019 Recipients

  • Sasha Bitzer (School of Art and Design)
  • Harry Bodell (Department of Communication)
  • Erica Ceka (Department of Public Administration and Department of Political Science)
  • Kevin Parker (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry)

2018 Recipients

  • Yan Chen (Department of Educational Technology, Research and Assessment)
  • Nicole Dressler (Department of History)
  • Zack Pesata (Department of Communication)
  • Elyse Sawka (School of Art and Design)

2017 Recipients

  • Adam Burgess (Department of English)
  • Paul Vogt (Department of Communication)
  • Autumn C. James (Department of Geographic and Atmospheric Sciences)
  • Daniel Kies (School of Theatre and Dance)

2016 Recipients

  • Jeremy Foy (School of Art and Design)
  • Li-Hsuan Hsu (School of Art and Design)
  • Jenn Jacobs (Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education)
  • Anna Rossi (Department of Sociology)

2015 Recipients

  • Nilanjana Kumar (Department of Physics)
  • Daniel Stange (Department of Physics)
  • Rebecca Vaughn (Department of Curriculum and Instruction)
  • Yanelly Villegas (Department of Communication)

2014 Recipients

  • Danielle Hill (Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education)
  • Ellen Katoll (Department of Curriculum and Instruction)
  • Ross Knoll (Department of Psychology)

2013 Recipients

  • Clare Scopacasa Foland (Department of English)
  • Cody Happ (Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures)
  • Samantha Haring (School of Art and Design)
  • Matthew P. Wiesner (Department of Physics)

2012 Recipients

  • Anwer Al-Zahrani (Department of Educational Technology, Research and Assessment)
  • Omer Avci (Department of Curriculum and Instruction)
  • Illeana Diaz (Department of Anthropology)
  • Shannon McCarragher (Department of Geography)

2011 Recipients

  • Alisa Von Hagel (Department of Political Science/Women's Studies Program)
  • Julie Meyer (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry)
  • David Willett (School of Art and Design)

2010 Recipients

  • Anni Moore (Department of Biological Sciences)
  • William F. Newman (Department of Communication)
  • Christine Woywod (School of Art and Design)

2009 Recipients

  • Geoff Rogal (Department of Political Science )
  • Nicole Allgood (Department of Leadership, Educational Psychology and Foundations)
  • Ed Hansen (Department of Psychology)

2008 Recipients

  • Tekkahmah Curry (Department of Counseling and Higher Education)
  • Anna Kenar (School of Art and Design)
  • Mazen Nagi (Department of Political Science)
  • Joseph E. Peterson (Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences)
  • James Younkin (Department of Physics)

2007 Recipients

  • Jason Jividen (Department of Political Science)
  • Kelley Wezner (Department of English)
  • Rachel Moreno (Department of Biological Sciences)
  • Jennifer Ann Lichamer (School of Allied Health and Communicative Disorders)

2006 Recipients

  • Beth Johnson (Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences)
  • Joe LoPresti (School of Art and Design)
  • Joshua Stone (Department of Sociology)

2005 Recipients

  • LeMetra Curry (Department of Counseling and Higher Education
  • Fumiko Kanekawa (Department of Biological Sciences)
  • Eun-Hee (Maria) Lim (Department of Teaching and Learning, Curriculum and Instruction, with specialization in Art Education)
  • Christopher Whidden (Department of Political Science)

2004 Recipients

  • William Auld (School of Theatre and Dance)
  • Leah Allegra Kind (Department of English)
  • Adriana Maria Crocker (Department of Political Science)
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