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Digital Media Studio

The Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning Digital Media Studio is available for use by NIU faculty and staff for developing a wide variety of instructional media for their teaching.

The CITL lightboard studio is an automated video recording solution that uses a of a pane of glass between the presenter and the camera, special markers, lighting, and software to allow you to write or draw content on the glass while facing the camera.

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The CITL One Button Video Studio (OBVS) is a simplified, automated video recording solution, housed in the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning building.

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The CITL Multimedia Desktop Studio is a reservable room, housed in Founders Library, featuring a high performance desktop computer (Windows) and popular multimedia design and development software, as well as a few configurable options for more complex multimedia projects such as podcasts and audio interviews with staff assistance.

Note: The Multimedia Desktop Studio is currently being moved to its new location in Founders Memorial Library and is currently not available for scheduling.  Please contact us at if you have immediate Multimedia Desktop needs.

Learn more about our Multimedia Desktop Studio

Scheduling the Studios

Once you have reviewed the support information for the One Button, Lightboard, or Multimedia Desktop studios and are ready to schedule an appointment, use the button below to request an available 1 hour appointment between 8am-4:30pm, Monday through Friday. Appointments must be requested at least 2 business days in advance.  You will receive a confirmation email and additional support materials.  If after reviewing the instructions and support materials in the email confirmation, if you still feel you need additional assistance, contact for support options.

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