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We offered 117 programs on fundamental principles of teaching, innovative teaching and learning strategies, flexible teaching and the use of technology for 1,676 attendees. Faculty (41%), Instructors (14%), Graduate Teaching Assistants (36%) and others (8%) participated in a total of almost 8.000 hours of professional development. Center staff facilitated 4 Faculty Learning Communities, which included monthly sharing sessions for 37 faculty members. 







We provided individualized support for faculty, instructors, teaching assistants and staff on teaching, flexible teaching and teaching with technology through almost 3,800 consultations (~40% increase from last year) for 892 unique consultees from across 92 academic and support units. This includes brief exchanges via phone, email, or chat as well as in-depth and ongoing consultations. CITL partnered with the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) to prepare and credential 21 faculty in effective college instruction, the first ACUE Distinguished Teaching Scholars at NIU.


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partnership courses

We collaborated with faculty to design and develop 26 new online courses for 5 online programs. Our instructional design team provided major revisions to 8 online courses and minor revisions to 44 online courses. To pilot the new Training, Development and Management system deployment, we developed 62 non-credit/mini courses for ETRA Learn-IT Conference, Gateways Early Childhood Education Program, and the College of Business Phase I courses. Center staff partnered with faculty to provide support for the preparation of 122 remote teaching courses through the Online Course Design Academies and individual requests for course partnerships.

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The following department reports providing more detail into our historical activities are available:

Surveys of Faculty, Instructors and Graduate Teaching Assistants

We routinely assess teaching-related needs of faculty, instructors and graduate teaching assistants, obtain input from the Office of the Provost, consult with the Innovative Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee and refines our mission, vision, and functions accordingly. We develop and execute short term support plans for each academic year.

Summary results from recent surveys of faculty, instructional staff, and graduate teaching assistants are provided.

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