Curricular Innovation Grants

In line with university goals and priorities, a new Curricular Innovation Grant Fund has been established to provide competitive grants for experimenting with innovative teaching methods such as transdisciplinary learning, virtual reality, digital learning, active learning, inclusive teaching practices, open education resources, or techniques introduced in the ACUE course on Effective Teaching Practices. This program was piloted in 2023 as an initial step in a multiyear effort to further inspire and incentivize curricular innovation and experimentation. Learn more about the grants.

2024 Grants

For the 2024-2025 academic year, the curricular innovation grants will focus on targeted support for developing general education courses for online delivery. This is a strategic effort to promote innovation in our online learning opportunities and to ensure students could complete a fully online undergraduate degree. In lieu of an open call for proposals, CITL is working directly with university and college leadership to identify courses that align with strategic priorities.

2023 Funded Projects

portrait of Natalie Andzik in front of a tree

Natalie Andzik

Special and Early Education

Content Update

Sinclair Bell portrait

Sinclair Bell

Art and Design

Virtual Reality

No Photo

Susan Bowers, Melissa Clucas-Walter, & Florensia Surjadi

School of Family and Consumer Sciences

Immersive Environments

portrait of Christina Cline

Christina Cline

Department of Biological Sciences

Open Education Resources

portrait of Michael Eads

Michael Eads

Department of Physics

Active Learning

portrait of Gregory Elinson

Gregory Elinson

College of Law

Active Learning

portrait of Ryan Hibbett

Ryan Hibbett

Department of English

Interdisciplinary Approaches

portrait of Pi-Sui Hsu

Pi-Sui Hsu

Department of Educational Technology, Research and Assessment

Flipped Classroom

portrait of Farah Ishaq

Farah Ishaq

Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education

Virtual Reality

portrait of Venumadhav Korampally

Venumadhav Korampally

Department Electrical Engineering

Inclusive Teaching

portrait of Vera Lind

Vera Lind

Department of History

Interdisciplinary Approaches

portrait of Amanda Littauer

Amanda Littauer

Center for the Study of Women, Gender & Sexuality | Department of History

Inclusive Teaching

portrait of Kevin Martin

Kevin Martin

Institute for the Study of the Environment, Sustainability and Energy | Department of Engineering Technology

Interdisciplinary Approaches

portrait of Jamie Mayer

Jamie Mayer

School of Allied Health and Communicative Disorders

Community Engagement and Interdisciplinary Approaches

portrait of Biagio Palese

Biagio Palese

Department of Operations Management & Information Systems

Interactive Course Materials

portrait of Nicholas Pohlman

Nicholas Pohlman

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Community Engagement & Individualized Learning

portrait of Charles Pudrith

Charles Pudrith

School of Allied Health and Communicative Disorders

Virtual Reality

No Photo

Angeline Stuckey

Department of English

Virtual Literacy

portrait of Jifu Tan

Jifu Tan

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Interactive Course Materials

portrait of Zachary Wahl-Alexander

Zachary Wahl-Alexander

Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education

Virtual Reality

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